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About Us

Our Story

by Jessica, shop owner

A London fog latte is an earl grey tea with steamed milk, with hints of lavender and vanilla. I tried this at a coffee shop a few years back; the latte was amazing and its unique name stuck with me. As I was picking a shop name, I thought why not name it after one of my favorite lattes?

I've wanted to open up a shop for a few years now, to have a platform where I can share my crafts. I started creating these boba keychains a few months ago, just for fun, because I was staying at home. I showed them to couple of friends and they encouraged me to share them online, so I took the leap and here we are. As I try new boba drinks, I will definitely be trying to recreate miniature versions of them. Would love to hear suggestions if you've got any. Feel free to use the chat option or email to share suggestions or to just say hi! To stay updated, check out my instagram for shop updates as well as sales :)

 Meet the Owner

       Hi, I'm Jess, shop owner of London Fog Latte. Thank you for stopping by the About Us page. Here's a little bit about myself. I am currently a graduate student from Los Angeles, CA. I'm Taiwanese-American and grew up in the SGV where there are 5 boba shops in every plaza. Some of my hobbies include playing music, crafting, and trying new boba/coffee shops. I love anything Studio Ghibli, Disney, and DOGS; will probably have 1-2 in the future. Some of my favorite boba drinks include matcha oatmilk latte, roasted oolong, and jasmine milk tea. 
Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something you like!